May 19, 2010
AM, T=75, breezy, even windy

6-6:15am, faint rasping from the trees well east of the shop, next door or even a bit farther. Couldn’t see the owlet antics or find their roost from here.
PM, T=86F, sporadically windy
6:45pm, asked J if I could stand in her backyard for a bit to locate the owlets. With glasses I found the male first, in cryptic ‘stick’ posture, guarding them and watching me. Above him were all 3 fledglings, fuzzy with down.
8pm, sitting outside I heard, as last night, a long, low monotonic trill. Couldn’t see a thing, though, from our driveway. I could hear baby rasping but eventually gave up on observation. T and I walked around the block to locate rasping but the wind made it too difficult to hear. We saw the male owl on the wires on Woodland (b/w Northwood and Reagan); he flew N across the street; maybe hunting the streetlight.