May 27, 2010
AM, T=72F, hazy sunshine

6:30am, too light for rasping, so we didn’t identify where the owlets are this morning. We assume they are still on the block north of us, across the street.
PM, T=83F at 8:30pm
Owlets still on N side of Woodland; they were in the big oak at dusk. One of the parents, on a hunting run, came across the street to check out a couple of neighbors and me, standing chatting on the sidewalk. The owl sat on the telephone pole watching us and two of the owlets flew over to join it. Adult swooped into the leaves over our head and plucked out a moth, which it fed to an owlet, much to the delight of the neighbor who had the binoculars at that point.
The idyll was interrupted by someone’s dog chasing a cat up the same tree, which caused the adult owl to swoop and hoot repeatedly—at the cat, not at us. But it eventually led the owlets back to the oak.