June 17, 2010
AM, T=80 at 6:30am, string of hot, sunny days

The owls are hard to find these days. The owlets were playing in a yard south of Woodland at dusk yesterday, then they flew one by one back across Woodland to the big oak. This morning I walked around the block and scrutinized that oak and the mag magnolia next to it but saw/heard nothing. So I shrugged and walked on. But when I got to Reagan I heard a soft rasp overhead; there they were, right overhead, in the big tree that hangs over the street. I counted at least 2 owlets, possibly 3, with one adult in sight. I assume they roosted there.

June 12, 2010 Saturday
AM awfully warm, T=81F and windy

Thank heavens for the wind, b/c the air conditioning quit. T spent the whole day working on it.
PM, T=90F, still breezy
Walked a few blocks locally but didn’t hear or see any owlets.
9pm, JP reports seeing the owlets in the middle of the 700 block of Woodland. Don’t know if they are flying up and down the street after sunset and still roosting at dawn on the 600 block, or if they are now roosting on the 700 block.

June 8, 2010
PM, some heavy rain from a fast moving front coming from the SW.

I took a brief walk around the block just to check that the owlets are still hanging around on the N side of Woodland. They are. No sooner did I get there than a parent owl came down the K’s driveway and perched over my head. I hooted softly in greeting and said a civil ‘good evening’. It immediately lost interest in me as a threat, perhaps recognizing my voice as belonging to one of the ineffective two-legged creatures by the nestbox.
Owlets were rasping from the magnolia. I didn’t stay.

June 3, 2010
, no obvn
PM, around the block; the 3 owlets are flying freely from one side of the street to the other. They have obviously gotten good at flying and landing; they even swoop and bank. Won’t be long now before they can hunt bugs on the ground.

June 2, 2010
AM T=74, light S breeze back again

6:25am around the block; all 3 owlets in their oak roost on Woodland

June 1, 2010
AM, T=72
Late for observing (7am); didn’t sight them
PM, T=83F; breeze starting to come up again; late afternoon clouds
No obsvn