September 13, 2010
PM, 86 and still

7:35pm went outside to see if owls would come out. The F was already in the crepe myrtle. Huh. I still don’t know where she is roosting. She saw me, so I went over to the shop steps to sit quietly and watch. She spent 10 min in the myrtle canopy catching bugs, then flew out toward the street.
We don’t hear descending trills anymore. Apparently that is just for dispersing the young.

September 2, 2010
AM, clear

Watching to see if I can see where the F is roosting (M is in the tree outside the shop window, as usual). M came to the upper driveway branch to sit. He swooped over to the next yard and returned with a crunchy breakfast item; I suspect it was a cicada, as it was buzzing it its talons. The owl ate it, still buzzing—must be like swallowing your cell phone on vibrate.
He flew again to the same place and returned with another crunchy insect snack, then walked his way up the branch, stropping his bill as he went, like a parrot. Took off for his roost tree. Never did see the F.