October 25, 2010
AM warm and breezy, cloudy

6:20AM, intersection of Nwood and Woodland. Owl again on the wire over the street. I walked past it and turned to watch. It stayed there for a few minutes, then flew to the telephone pole on the NW corner, up where the wires connect. She stayed there a long time, until another bus passed by on Bayland. Looks like a great place to hunt in the streetlights.
No owl in our roost tree today, and none was there on the weekend. Might be time for owls to find roosts that don’t lose leaves.

October 21, 2010
AM, T=64, clear and calm

6:30am Morning walk. Standing on the north side of the intersection of Northwood and Woodland, C saw an owl (not our owl) fly from the SE to the wire over the street. It sat for a minute, then flew to the big sycamore on the SW corner, hit twice against the leaves and carried whatever it caught (insect?) to the tree right by my head. It was too leafy and dense to sight the owl again.
7:12am, owl flew up the driveway to roost E of shop