November 6, 2010
Saturday. T=41F; clear as a bell.
Daylight savings time ends tonight; owl light will be from 7 to 6:45AM or so.
F got mobbed from her day roost back to the football tree by the shop. We watched her hop down in the evening and head N.
This past week or two we have had lots of robins coming through. They gather 5 or 6 at a time around the water dish on the back porch, dipping forward to sip, pooping orangey hackberry seeds out the other end. There is a ring of them around the dish. Starlings, too have been around in the afternoons.

November 3, 2010
AM cold front

F flew from somewhere E of the pecan to the K’s driveway, maybe to roost now in the bushes b/w their driveway and J&R’s house. I don’t think anyone is in the pecan this year.

November 1, 2010
No longer roosting in the tree outside the shop—cover is too thin. But I don’t know where the F is roosting. And we haven’t seen the male since, what, September 2? I wonder if we have lost him. And what happens then? Does she stick around and advertise the nestbox herself? Or does she leave to find a male with a nesting site in his territory? Our two have always hunted, or at least touched base with each other at dawn and dusk.