M arrives with a gecko

male feeding female

March 2, 2011
Cool, clear, and beautiful, 63 F.
6:50pm; An owl (female?) zoomed through Gap from the north and landed on Stub perch. After 2 minutes, she departed eastward over E’s roof.
7:00pm; an owl (male?) flew south down the east fence line to cherry laurel. He sat for about 2 1/2 minutes and trilled 4 times (low pitch made us think it was the male) before flying west at 7:03pm.
8:15pm; both owls crowded into the nest box for what appeared to be a ceremonial feeding. She entered first, turned expectantly. He entered carrying a gecko, dropped to the floor of the box, and presented it to her. After she ate the gecko, they both left the box.
Female spent a long time sitting motionless on the Prius branch tonight. She was there at 9pm and still there when we went to bed at 10pm. Resting up before egg laying? We have not watched enough to tell if she is getting fed on this perch.