March 8, 2011
PM, T=73F, warm and extremely moist, overcast and lightly misting.
Owls are hunting insects high in the canopy and in flowering shrubs.

6:45pm, male owl flew eastward over the roof of our house, directly to external perch of nest box, where he gave three or four monotonic trills and departed to the NE.
7:00pm, female owl flew southward over garage roof and landed very high in the driveway hackberry tree. She was followed a few seconds later by the male, who landed briefly on a lower branch in the same hackberry, then flew again to the nest box. I think he entered the nest box and gave a series of box calls, but she was not to be lured to the box; instead, she made a series of swooping, high passes amid the newly budding leaves of the hackberry. It seemed obvious that she was hunting insects (moths?) high in the brand-new foliage and leaf buds. When she caught something, she retired to the Prius branch to eat it. She also made dives into the cherry laurel, now flowering strongly, and into the Computer oak right next to the house.
7:07pm, she departed west through the Computer oak to the street. The male, leaving the nest box, flew to the crepe myrtle where he, too, made a couple of insect-hunting dives into the cherry laurel. After one such strike he sat on the Prius Branch with an insect in his beak, obviously waiting for the female to show up so he could feed her. He finally gave up waiting, though, and followed her path south to the street.