March 15, 2011
4pm in the afternoon, there was a female starling in the nestbox. Oh no! Chased it away but will have to be vigilant.
PM, T=65F, clear, cool.
About 8 pm an owl (male?) flew southward through the Gap to the crepe myrtle, trilled, made a bug-catching dive into the flowering cherry laurel, and then flew to Stub perch over the compost to eat it. Flew NE to E’s backyard.
8:12pm, male flew to exterior perch of the nestbox; the female appeared from S in the crepe myrtle. He entered the nest box and spent a long time trilling and giving box calls, until almost 8:40pm. During this time the female continued hunting insects high in the hackberry canopy. She didn’t approach the box during the male’s lengthy songs. He left the box about 8:42pm.