March 17, 2011
PM, 72F, balmy, breezy, nearly full moon

7:57pm an owl flew diagonally north up our driveway, disappearing east of the shop. A few minutes later, monotonic trills were heard (perhaps from E’s back yard).
At 8pm, the female owl flew south through the Gap to Stub perch, and at almost the same time, male flew south from the east side of shop, directly to nest box. We could not hear him inside but are pretty sure he was doing his usual trilling and box calls inside the box. The female flew up to the Honda branch, as if to listen to his songs, but after a couple of minutes she went back to insect-hunting swoops high into the foliage of the hackberry over the driveway. A minute later, she had moved to the Prius branch. So the male left the nest box.