March 23, 2011
PM, 80F, warm, muggy overcast, light breezes

Both owls in the driveway tonight; courtship behavior commenced again. June bugs are bumbling and buzzing around in the canopy.
8:05, the male owl flew from the back yard to the Prius branch and trilled once (the pitch marking him as the M), made a swoop for an insect near him and took it to the nestbox perch to eat it; then M went into the nestbox and started his box call. The F responded by going to the box herself and trilling her higher pitched trill at the entrance. The M, on the bottom of the box, was stricken silent and fixed unblinkingly on the entrance hole. The F hopped right in, down to the bottom of the box with the M. Once inside, the female bit the male on his butt several times to encourage him to be off hunting, so he left. The F spent some time fluffing the shavings, practically burying herself, but finally gave up on the male returning with a snack and exited north. (see pictures)
All this was encouraging to us, given the lack of owl sightings and boxcalls over the last few nights. Maybe she will still produce a clutch this year

F, in entrance, lured by the sweet boxcalls of the M

F joins the M in the box

Fluffing the shavings all over herself