March 25, 2011
The owls killed and plucked a cedar waxwing last night. T found feathers in the driveway next morning. Looks like the plucking perch might have been the Honda branch or Boy box perch.
PM, T=71 F ?, overcast, breezy
8:05pm, owl flew S through the Gap, landing half-way up in the driveway hackberry; trilled three times from there.
8:10pm, male flew to nest box and entered. We saw the female owl on the Honda branch but did not see her approach, so don’t know exactly what time she showed up. She sat on the Honda branch for a minute or two, appearing to listen to the male’s songs from inside the nest box. Then she swooped east, behind the nest box, and was lost to sight. Male left box about this time, too, reappearing a minute later from over our house, when he landed on the Stub perch. He also dived E over the E’s roof. We didn’t see them anymore after this.
Male was on the external perch of the nest box at about 9pm, but did not enter while we were watching
Foliage is getting thick enough that we can no longer see silhouettes very easily.
C heard a chuck-chuck during the night–nice to know they are waking up again, though it means hot, humid weather in store.