March 28, 2011
Today we spotted an unfamiliar warbler bathing in the water dish on the back deck–looked like a zebra-bird, with black and white stripes on its head, across its eyes, white throat. Tentative i.d. is black-throated grey warbler but for the black patch on its throat. Also saw the hooded warbler again today, our ‘clown bird’. Trees are very leafed out, inchworms and tiny caterpillars dangling. Only have the pecans left bare.
PM, T=65 F, overcast, calm
8:17pm. An owl appeared in the driveway hackberry tree, perched about half-way up, over driveway. It sat facing north for 2 minutes before flying N through the Gap. We thought this owl looked small (I guess the male).
8:22pm, male owl flew from the west to our back yard, briefly, then on to nest box. He stuck his head inside and gave one soft bout of box calls, leaving a minute later. On leaving he swooped back over the driveway for an insect catch, and on down the driveway, south. The night air is full of buzzing june bugs and trilling katydids.
8:27pm , the female arriving on external perch of nest box. She gave one soft trill and hopped in, and began to fluff shavings on the floor. She didn’t stay long either; left at 8:28pm and, like the male, went off south down the drive.