January 19, 2012

High peeping of waxwings in the afternoon (breezy and muggy, 70F); two bobbed at the water dish on the deck. Many more goldfinches now—upwards of 10 at a time.

January 8, 2012, Sunday

PM, warm afternoon

Cedar waxwings flocking high in the hackberries in late afternoon.  We’ve seen a hermit thrush loitering around the flowerbeds and compost pile for the past week.

January 10, 2012, Tuesday

PM, cold night ahead

At 8:15pm, we checked the nest-box cam and discovered the box half filled with water-oak leaves, and the engineer (a large fox squirrel) cozily asleep under the leaves, with only the tip of its tail showing.  About 8:20pm, there was a thump on the microphone, and lo and behold, an owl’s speckled breast feathers showing at the entrance hole.   The owl must have been silently inspecting for half a minute or so; the squirrel never moved a muscle !    The owl left.   After a decent interval of waiting, We rousted the squirrel out of the box.   We were pretty encouraged to see an owl (1) alive, and (2) showing interest in the nest box.

January 12, 2012, Thursday

AM, cold front expected today, windy

C had to use Magic Fingers several times this morning to persuade squirrels to use another of their nests, rather than the box.

January 13, 2012, Friday

AM, 34 F

Three goldfinches at the feeder. Cedar waxwings and robins abound.

January 2, 2012, Monday

Cold, 40-degree nights, beautiful, clear cool days.

Had a couple of goldfinches around the thistle feeder (first we’ve noticed this year).

January 5, 2012, Thursday

PM, a warm 67F, following a couple of cold days

At 7:35pm, I came down the shop stairs and spotted an owl on the branch over the car.  C thought it looked big enough to be the female (and this perch used to be HER customary branch, at least in past seasons).  We are very happy to see an owl, any owl, because we were afraid they might not have survived this recent, hot, dry summer.  About 45 minutes earlier in the evening, I had made a couple of dismal attempts at monotonic trills, out on the driveway.   I doubt if there was any connection with the appearance of this owl, later.