February 25, 2012

AM, T=57; Overcast, somewhat breezy.

Goldfinch activity at the thistle feeder. Hermit thrush (?) bathing at the drinking dish.

PM, T=53F, scattered clouds.

6:47pm, Male owl appeared on Stub perch, sat for half minute before making a swoop to hawk a moth out of the foliage on the blooming cherry laurel, returning to his perch. He trilled there three times (6:49pm) before shifting to the oak tree east of the shop.  He trilled four or five more times from that location and left at 6:55pm. But there was no sign or sound of the female tonight.

February 24, 2012

AM, T=56; cold front blew in, literally. It blew over the orchid stand on the back deck, scattering them everywhere.  Gusty still, to 25mph, from the N.

Maple is putting out its new, red leaves. The sweetgum is doing the same, though it hasn’t yet lost its old leaves yet; probably drought related?

PM: T=60F.

6:47pm Male owl flew from the NW to the external perch of the nest box, where he began a 3-minute bout of Geiger-counter “box calls”, evolving to a monotonic trill.
At 6:48pm, female appeared, also coming from the NW, and perched on the external perch of the Boy box, facing the nest box.   She listened to his song for a half minute or so, and then flew S down the driveway to the crepe myrtle tree.   A half minute later, the male left the nest box and flew either east or S (it was hard to see).  The female hunted the area of the cherry laurel, into which she made at least three dives (hunting moths off this blooming tree ?).

February 23, 2012

PM a very warm and windy day; T nearly 80F; cold front expected tomorrow

Watched at the window from 6:45 til past 7 but saw no owls

February 22, 2012

AM, warm, cloudy, SE breeze; T=70

6:15AM; on the NE corner of Bayland and Northwood we saw the owl hunting from the top of the AC window unit again; swooped to the lawn for something.Just like last time

PM:No owls were seen around 6:45pm (just when we were thinking it was a sure thing…). However, at 10pm, the female was hunting from the Prius Branch over the driveway.

February 20, 2012

AM, 53F, partly cloudy

6:15AM, walked along Bayland and Reagan; saw no owls but did see the Cooper’s hawk midway up a bare tree on the W side of Reagan at Woodland. Hunting just early enough to catch a screech owl heading to roost…

PM, warming and windy under clouds

6:45pm, Watched two owls in our driveway for about 9 minutes

6:45pm, female (large!) owl perched on the Prius branch near the nest box, looking down at the compost pile. At 6:47, she dived into the blooming cherry laurel, “hawked” a moth out of the foliage, and with a looping swoop took it up to the Stub perch to eat.

6:48pm, I heard the “Geiger-counter” box call from the computer microphone. The vocalizing owl started out sitting on the external perch, calling, then got in the nest box entrance for another minute of box calls, melding into trills. When I went to the window I could see the other owl still catching moths from the laurel, while the first owl poked its head out of the box. My guess is that the owl in the nest box was the male, and that he was unable to distract the female away from her moth hunting in the cherry laurel. But at any rate, there were two owls, and some attention being paid to the nest box.

February 19, 2012, Sun

PM, clear, 59F

6:41pm. First one then another owl arrived, just past dusk, in the tree opposite the nest box–the one with the Boy box; one apparently went in. The owl in the Boy box flew to the nest box at 6:42, and scratched a bit in the shavings. The owl from the Honda Branch, made several passes through the flowering cherry laurel, a great moth hunting site. At about 6:44pm, he brought one to the external perch, gave a male-pitch monotonic trill. He poked its head into the box, but no food handoff took place. The female in the nest box then jumped into the entrance hole, where she may have been fed the moth (I could not see from the nest-box cam, since I was looking at her tail end). At 6:46pm, she left the nest box, and flew east of the shop.

February 18, 2012

PM, drippy after a day of rain, 57F

6:45pm, Monotonic trill, coming from driveway area, E-flat above middle C,  male owl pitch. An owl entered the box and began a long bout of “Geiger-counter” box calls (so again, I’m guessing this was the male). Two minutes later he was answered by a higher–pitched, monotonic trill (the female, based on the pitch). That owl landed on the external perch. She joined the male owl inside the nest box. After 20 seconds, male departed. Female stayed for 3 minutes, fluffed shavings in bottom of box, departing at 6:52pm.

February 17, 2012

AM, drippy, 58F

6:15am, getting in the car noticed an owl above us.

PM, even drippier, with extensive rain overnight in the forecast; T=57F

6:45PM, owl on the perch, doing box call. Didn’t enter and flew off shortly.

7PM, owl on the perch again, then into the box to fluff. No other owl responded, so he/she left again, W over the house.

February 15, 2012

AM, T=60, very moist and warm, drippy

A morning for owls to be hunting low for wiggly things on the ground instead of for moths up high in the new leaves. It is so wet and warm that the chuk-chuks have come out–we can hear them squeaking all night long.

6:15AM, At the bus stop on Northwood and Bayland we saw an owl (not ours) grab something off a lawn and sit on a window AC unit to eat it. It remained there for a few minutes, then another owl swooped up to it with a tidbit. Aha! it looks like they have a mated pair on the NE corner of Northwood/Bayland! Color me green with envy.

February 12, 2012 Sunday

PM, T=44; after a couple of v cold days it has started to warm.

On a brief spot check out the window we saw an owl hunting in the cherry laurel blooms. No activity at the box, though.