March 6, 2012, Tuesday

PM, T=69; high humidity, warmish, cloudy and breezy, gorgeous day

No owls tonight.

March 5, 2012, Monday

PM, T=60; low humidity and strong sunshine, a gorgeous day

No owls tonight. Could be the female has commenced laying her eggs, but not in our box, alas

March 4, 2012, Sunday

PM, T=66F; cool and calm weather, clear

Saw two owls again in driveway.

6:54pm, Male owl flew over our house from west and landed near the nest box. 15 seconds later, female appeared from west and landed on branch over the driveway. After less than 2 minutes of box calls and a couple of monotonic trills, male flew to nest box. Female made several hunting swoops, high in the the nestbox oak tree (currently heavily covered with catkins), and high into the crepe myrtle. Male left the nest box and a second later, two owls were making hunting swoops high in the oak. At one point, two owls met on a branch of the driveway hackberry–this could have been a food handoff. Subsequently, both owls disappeared. Total viewing time was perhaps 7 minutes.