March 11, 2013

Daylight Time returns

7:40 PM, still pretty light out when T and I take up our positions; T on his back on the front porch, C on the neighbors front steps. The female was just out, in the neighbors front door oak. She sat on a branch over my head then flew to the tree with the male’s day roost. (We never did locate the male’s day roost today, though it could’ve been the same tree just higher up.).  She gave muted descending trills then returned to her nest. No male to be seen for quite a while, and then there he was over my head in the oak. He made a food delivery to the nest, came to sit on a heavy oak branch/observation post. Went back to hunting and we didn’t see him again.

The Bayland owls have two hatchlings and we suspect the same is happening with our couple.

March 4, 2013 Monday

Very warm and windy day; T=80 degrees

6:55 PM I saw the female returned to the bole, although I did not see her leave it.

7 PM the male came to the entrance and immediately left; looks like food handoff to me. So glad to see the male.