February 28, 2015, egg #1?
T=37 at 6 am, overcast
5:30 am, F is in the box (twelfth day) giving soft food-begging calls. Was she inside all night ? Egg ? C did spot a suspiciously round object, apparently new since last night. We are labeling it, cautiously, as first egg.


February 27, 2015

T=39 at 6 am, overcast

F is in the box (eleventh day). By 8am there have been a couple of short squirrel events. Still no egg that we can see.

Only 40F at noon. Female has been sitting quietly all morning. Could not locate the male’s day roost, either in Art Park or here closer.

No sign that anybody is using Boy Box, however. We were a little alarmed when, at the usual sundown hour, no male owl flew into the Computer oak. The female left the box briefly, but returned within 10 minutes, which is not something we’ve seen before. Is she gravid ?

At 8:20, we were relieved to hear a male trill outside (thank goodness he’s not dead). Ms. Owl started an incessant series of descending “food begging” cries. We are waiting to witness a food delivery.

9pm and still no food. Ms. Owl has sort of collapsed in a heap on the floor of the box, perhaps giving something akin to an “egg shuffle” waggle of her butt as she settled (or perhaps wishful thinking on the part of human observer).

Still nothing at 9:40pm. Then…Hallelujah !

9:43pm, he delivers most of a bird carcass, on which she immediately begins chowing down. 3 minutes later, he delivers a moth.