July 5, 2015

5am, single monotonic trill, female, from the back yard
2:30 pm, T=89; glancing over to our neighbor’s yard to the west we saw a blob on the pavement by the pool—a blob that swiveled its head around. An owl, an adult owl! Poor thing, with its wings spread out to the sides. Hmmm….sometimes they do that to defend something they have caught…or….can it be? Has this owl been bathing and is deliberately sitting in the sun, on the hot pavement, a sort of owl sauna? T went to make sure it was not injured and it flew (grumpily?) to the vines in the arbor.
That is the second time we have seen owl bathing activity in broad daylight. Is this more common than we knew, or is it a personal quirk of an individual?

July 1, 2015

3:20am, high descending trills from the driveway or back yard. We don’t see our owls around anymore. Dispersal seems to be in progress, or accomplished. We hear the territorial trills more often now, starting end of June.