February 26, 2016


February 7, Sunday
AM, T=39, clear and so quiet
6:50am, female returned to the nest box for day 4.
Gorgeous day, warm in the sun and cold out of it. Got to 60+ degrees. The female has her head out of the entrance hole for some late afternoon sun.
6:20pm, F left the box for the crepe myrtle. C, looking out the back window into the backyard, saw and heard the f as she flew to the birdfeeder branch. Heard the male trilling back but couldn’t see him. F spent a minute or two in the backyard then headed back down the driveway to the burr oak.
Just past 6:30 and owl watching is done for the evening.

February 2, 2016

AM, T=68, windless—perhaps the front has stalled.
6am, T leaves for work on his bike, owl in the burr oak on the street. As I walk down the driveway it follows to the Prius perch, then through the Gap into the backyard.
6:35am, F on the Prius branch, trilling softly. In a minute she is joined by the male, also trilling. Then the ritual hop onto her back, then off toward the west. She followed. I can’t find where their perches are in the neighbor’s yard. Maybe they go to get water at the bucket under their air conditioning outflow pipe.