Saturday, April 2, 2016
AM, T=51F, cool and very clear. North breeze
6:45am, both owls were in the carport pecan this morning. Madame returned to the box at 6:54am and settled down to brood the owlets, who were mounded together for warmth. K’s cat was on the porch steps, dammit. Makes our blood run cold to think of all the cat owners who don’t bring their charges in at night.
W says hawks are migrating despite the north wind, having seen broad wings way way up high.
PM, T=67F, calm after a sunny cool day.
8:12pm , female is out of the box. Mr. appeared on the outer perch with a live (legs still moving) bug in his bill. No Madame. He waited a minute, climbed into the box but well out of the way of the chicks, turned around and flew off with the bug.
Outside, we saw the female join the male on the Prius branch complex; he hopped onto her, she chittered. He went to the fence, then on to the lumber frame to hunt by the light of St’s window . Minding his manners, Mr. caught a bug and fed it to Madame.
8:17pm Madame returned to the box, spreading her wings to cover the chicks. Fed her eager chicks from something cached in the corner.
Outside, the male continues to hunt for bugs.
8:50pm, Quiet for nearly an hour now. Female is in the entrance, chicks are in their delicately balanced tripod. Judging by all the twitching the number and amount of annoying insects and parasites is on the rise in the nest box.