Sunday, April 3, 2016
AM, T=49F!, another clear day, though with high clouds coming by west to east
6:40am, female is outside the box making food-begging calls.
6:46am, she returned to the box, not carrying any food, and settled down on the owlets. Outside, C found the male sitting on the ground right by the base of the nandina bush by the driveway. He sat there for more than a minute. The light was dim so couldn’t tell if he had something under himself, or if he was hunting right down where he could hear things in the grass, or if he wanted a sparrow roosting in the nandina. He flew, not gracefully, to the fence then beyond and out of sight. Didn’t see any food.
Couldn’t find the male’s roost all day.
Spent the weekend banging our heads against streaming to our website. Have partially achieved it.
PM, T=70, sunny day and mild
7:58pm, female left the box, not waiting for full dark
8:15-8:25pm, male hunted for bugs. He particularly targeted the dry leaves in front of the hive under the window. We have noticed lots of crawling drones on the ground the last few days. Are they owl food? From the Prius branch into the leaves, up to the gate to eat it, back into the leaves, to the oak to eat that.
8:31pm, female returned, trilling, bearing nothing. But she tore up the bit of bird in the corner for the youngsters, and are they ever eager!
8:41pm, female still feeding bits to the owlets
8:52pm, bug delivery by male
Slow night.