Wednesday, April 6, 2016
Merle Haggard died at 79
5:45 AM, T=64°
5:45 AM female is in the box tearing up a bird in feeding the owlets
6:09 AM, everybody is full and quiet 6:30 AM, female is out, saw nothing from the steps. The female is in by 7 AM, the male flew over the roof and I didn’t see him again, his roost is still a mystery.
PM, only got to the mid 70s today due to early cloudiness.
Moon Tower double burger night, so no evening observations.

Thursday, April 7, 2016
AM, T=54°
5:45 AM everybody sitting quietly apparently well fed and content.
6:05 AM, female is out of the box when we check, owlets piled together as usual.
6:25 AM, female returned for briefly begging calls, then out again
6:35 AM male drops a bug (video clip)
6:38 AM, female comes in, hangs upside down by one claw to feed them and then settle in.
6:50 AM outside, after one more bug from Mr., you see a hawk (Cooper’s or Swainsons?) in Klein’s pecan, high up and lit by the rising sun. It flew west.
PM, 75°F and breezy.
The owlets were wing-flapping today. Rasping cries at feeding time are very well-developed.
7:55 PM, Robin scolds from St’s front yard. Female is head out.
7:59 PM the male planes through the Gap
9 PM, bug delivery
9:48 AM the male delivered large chunk of bird. Madame is feeding enthusiastic chicks