Friday, April 8, 2016
AM, T = 59°; C leaves for Wimberley today
What a messy box. No wonder Madame is out
6:40 AM the male, bug hunting in the driveway, flew through the gap to the backyard. I left the driveway, scooped up the iPad and headed for the kitchen. Marvels of technology – I could see the female return to her box as I watched the male sip water at the water bowl.
PM, warm, Cedar waxwings at dusk in the carport pecan
8:05-8:07 PM, an owl spent two minutes bathing in drinking from the dish on the back deck. Glad I filled it, fresh. Then it flew over our roof
8:15 PM first food delivery to the box. I hear subtle impacts in the computer oak. Maybe insect hunting there. A gecko chirps in the garage.
8:17 PM next food delivery, 8:20 PM, bug; 8:22 PM, bug;
8:23 PM female returns and gets down on the floor with the owlets. She seems to be poking rather frenetically in the shavings.
8:25 PM, male arrives with a bug; 8:27 PM, bug delivery – a moth, filling the air with scales!
832 female leaves the box and I leave on a shopping errand.