Sunday, April 10, 2016
AM, T=66F, cool and cloudy
6:30am, Female is out of the box. T sits outside on driveway, hearing scolding birds. A robin sits in the grass in the middle of St’s yard, moving west to the next yard, joined by a cardinal. Five minutes later the mobbing has moved to the driveway, then lower branches of the nest tree. Too dark and leafy to see the owl but can hear her angry chittering.
6:43am, mobbing bird is on the box perch, so I hurried inside to check the cam and, sure enough, the female is back in the box
Cedar waxwings are peeping now. It’s breezy.
PM, T=77F; partly cloudy with a good south breeze.
7:34pm, F leaves the box even though it is still so light. Is she just really hungry? Can’t locate her, however. Scolding robin has been orbiting, first in the driveway, next on carport pecan, back to the driveway.
7:53pm, owl on the thistle branch in the back yard. Sits for a couple of minutes then leaves through the Gap to the driveway crepe myrtle.
7:56pm, owl hunting in oak leaves for the next yard east and the F in the myrtle shifts to the laurel
8:16pm, female returns to the box without food but crunches up the bones of something leftover to feed the owlets.
8:28pm, out she goes, and now starts a round of bug deliveries: 8:30 bug, 8:32 bug, 8:38 bug, 8:40 and 8:42 and 8:46 bugs, 8:53 and 8:57 bugs.
9:03pm, Madame returns with, yes, a bug; leaves again at 9:09pm
9:12pm, 9:16, 9:22, 9:25, 9:31 bug deliveries. We give up.