Saturday, April 23, 2016, day 28
A.m., T=60°. Absolutely wonderful clear blue day, and cool.
The male and female are roosting side-by-side way up in the oak over our house and across from and about 25 feet west of the nest box. The owlets have been peering from the entrance all day. A fledgling robin–the only one left?–has been making loud feed me feed me calls from the crepe myrtle. How long will this fledgling robin escape the owls?
PM; warm afternoon, lightly breezy and continuing absolutely wonderful.
8 PM, adult owls have left their roost. Madame went straight to the little robin tree, to the intense and vocal distress of both robin parents. Is she contemplating a pounce on the robins?
8:14 PM an owl zooms from the weaving oak across the front of the shop, headed for St’s backyard.
8:15 PM, food delivery to the box.
In the box, all three owlets are now climbing either to the entrance or up onto the interior perch. The lucky one in the entrance gets many bugs, but apparently you can’t cling and chew at the same time, so they have to drop to the floor to finish eating.
8:50 PM, yet another moth, at least five so far.