Wednesday, April 27, 2016, day 32
AM, at 5:30 T= 68, at 6:30 T=62°F, 0.7″ rain
5:15 AM, a line of thunderstorms came through with strong gusty wind, lightning, and dropping temperature. We wondered how the two fledglings fared in the waving branches over the house. The third nestling is still in the box, huddled in the back corner.
6:20 AM, both parents are hunting in the drippy aftermath of the rain along the driveway and in the backyard. Lots of insect and chuk-chuk noise. It is hard to hear past the light dripping, but there is the rasping noise of hungry chicks in the nest box tree itself. Looks like they didn’t get far.
6:30 AM, a parent hawks an insect off the side of the house. I am watching from the bedroom window – it doesn’t disturb the hyper-vigilant parents and I stay dry. I can see the bobbing and flapping of one owlet up there in the branches behind and on a level with the nest box. Although the remaining owlet in the box can hear them he doesn’t perk up until Madame starts giving food cries from outside the box. Flapping, pecking, turning in circles, but he doesn’t want to get up on the perch. When he finally does (Madame’s siren calls) he sidles cautiously to the entrance hole, reluctant to put his head out. It must seem like this hole ate his siblings. But he can hear them… hear her… I have great hopes he will take the plunge…
6:40am, a hawk wings silently over head, going east. Madame and the fledglings fall silent. It is now getting too light for the third to fledge. Nuts. The remaining owlet will spend a long, hungry, lonely day.
7:20am, grackles are mobbing in the crepe myrtle. On investigation I find an adult and one fledgling. Where is the other one? Still hidden? separated? knocked to the ground in this morning’s storm?
The other parent is snug and dry under the eave where the cam wires come into the house.