March 4, 2017
6:25am, T=60F, 10 degrees warmer than this time yesterday; also cloudy.

The male owl was by the garage steps when I went outside. I should have just gone back inside but I sat on the deck steps for a minute. If I hadn’t maybe he would have bathed or hung around. Instead he flew to the fig tree in A&A’s yard and eventually up into the palm. The female has a bird carcass in the box to feed her chicks today.
PM, Slow rain in the evening. Did owl watching inside.
6:45pm; female left the nestbox. There are definitely THREE owlets huddled together.
6:50pm; female returned to feed them a moth, based on the scales in the air. Where do you find moths on a rainy night?
6:52-7pm; two bug deliveries, two moths. One chick has modified its cheep to the scratchy “feed me!” demand. Boy, that didn’t take long.
8:28pm; male delivers a sizable piece of something and Madame immediately sets to feeding the chicks. The big piece is very dark and has a tail….a rat? Even better!