Sunday March 5, 2017  disaster
T =62°F, raining, but not hard.

Male is in the cherry laurel, not well hidden so mobbed, not well protected so soaking wet. Why not roost under the eve? Why not in the snug boy box?
Rain all day, 1.9 inches total
6:35 PM; male dropped from his perch to the crepe myrtle and preened his wet feathers, over and over and over.
6:45 PM; in the midst of more rain a squirrel invaded the box, trying to drive the female owl out. In the frantic battle two of the chicks were killed, only one chick alive afterwards. And during the squirrel fight the male grooming continued in the crepe myrtle. Completely useless. Madame owl, during the next 30 minutes, moved the bodies of the dead chicks, first here, then there. Unsure? unbelieving?
7 PM; male delivered a big moth. Big help.