Tuesday, March 7, 2017
A.m.; warm, T=69° at 7 AM; cloudy, breezy, waiting for a little cool front to move in.
It is hard to even think about owls today. We don’t know where they are roosting. Possibly both in the palm tree.
PM; cooling and clearing.
Male and female owls in the shop hackberry, apparently coming from the west–another vote for the palm roost. Male flew over the garage to the lower box and started box calls; we have not seen this for a while! Female joined him but did not see whether either of them went inside.
Feeding in the crepe myrtle. Both owls made several insect hawking dives into foliage, and one of the owls made a try at a rat scampering through the computer oak! We haven’t seen that before. Caught the first June bug tonight, too.
Both owls visited the low box again for another session of box calls. Later, we saw feeding and mating in the shop hackberry.
This looks like pre-nesting behavior – mating, feeding the female, and she waiting quietly to be fed. Does the male know his chicks are dead? Or is this triggered simply by her being out of the box at sundown rather than confined inside?
Are they starting over?