Thursday, March 1, 2018
6:30am, T=72F; wind just picking up, bringing swirls of cooler air from an incoming front. 0.01” sprinkly rain preceded it.

Earlier in the morning there was an owl in the yard to the west. Didn’t see either owl go to the palm today but there are neither owls nor squirrels in the nestboxes.
7:15am, T now =67F; grey and lowering but not really very cold. Some wing cracking from the white wing doves; Cooper’s hawk in the Hoke oak.
Beautiful warm day, cirrus aviaticus everywhere. A bulbul was singing at the top of the crepe myrtle; small butterfly all around the hackberry twigs—hackberry is on the fast track to leaf out by tomorrow. Cooper’s hawk flew over us on the driveway.
PM; full moon rising had both of us trying to get shots of it and the clouds and the silhouette of the low box all in one frame.
6:45pm, two owls are out back: female in the pecan, male on the shop hackberry. Mme visited the high box twice for 15-29 minutes, fluffing shavings and getting fed a couple of times by the male, who is hunting moths in the early evening.