Saturday, March 3, 2018
Day 2 in nestbox
A.m. temperature = 53° F; beautiful red clouds at dawn.

6:30 AM both owls are perching in the pecan limbs over the Klein carport. One owl was eating something large, perhaps half a bird, which it appeared to offload to a cache, perhaps on the carport roof or an adjacent pecan branch.
6:35 AM, male owl flew west to its palm roost and the female flew up to the nest box. Day two!
The Hoke oak is frothing full of lime green catkins, and at 7 AM a Cooper’s hawk flew into it for a one minute visit before flying north across our house. Mockingbirds seem to be in full mating season activity: flying at rivals, battling on the wing, and singing vociferously. We noticed this morning that the crepe myrtle is full of little leaves. There were waxwing feathers on every step of the back deck as well as on the back walk and around our grill. I guess that explains what they were eating on the pecan branch this morning.
Lunch note: saw yellow/black tiger swallowtail.
PM; no rain. high temperature = 73° F; 
6:40 PM, Ms. owl planed down from the nest box, through the Gap to the K pecan. Mr. owl appeared from the north with a bug to feed her on the pecan perch. They then moved to a branch, out of sight to those of us on the shop steps. So when we came up the deck steps we were surprised and pleased to see both owls in the orchid tree, 10 ft away, calmly watching us. We went inside and no sooner had we done so than Madame Owl went to the water dish and sipped quietly, periodically for at least five minutes. Thirsty girl.