Wednesday, March 28, 2018
AM; T=71F; overcast; expecting big rain in the afternoon

7am, Ms Owl left the box. Walking out the front door and looking east I could see both owls; one, the male, was hunting from the crepe myrtle outside the neighbor’s front froom window; the female was on a main branch of the computer oak. He flew north to roost, she hung around for amoment, then went back to her box. 7:05am.
8:15am, dove explosion; we hear the Coopers ‘kek-kek-kek’.
PM; very overcast and muggy, as usual before a front.
7:42PM, Owls flew earlier than usual due to dark cloud cover.  Mr Owl was roosting in the Computer oak. Both flew through the Gap to the west. Didn’t see much more.
Rain started about midnight, with lots of thunder and lightening.