Tuesday, March 27, 2018
AM T=72F. After a breezy night a dawn cloud deck opened to show blue sky and fast moving low clouds. A low in Arizona is forecast to move in as a cold front, rain starting tomorrow.

Mr Owl is roosting in the Computer oak again, not very well hidden.
PM, high T=82F, now misting rain under a completely socked in sky.
Near sundown the sky was overcast, darkening early.
7:44pm; Mr Owl moved down from his day roost, eventually perching low in the Computer oak.
7:49pm; He flew low, 10’high, through the Gap to a perch at the north end of the clothesline. Ms Owl followed a few seconds later, flying straight to her customary perch in the pecan over the K’s carport. Mr left his low perch after only a few seconds to fly west. Ms Owl followed, and that was the last we saw of them
8:05pm; Ms Owl returned to the next box.